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Steve Belleguelle
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If you live in Northumberland and need IT support, why not visit our sister site, Behest Computer Services.

We provide a wide range of computer support from fixing PCs and laptops, setting up networks and broadband, through providing tuition and help with standard Windows packages, to giving advice on all manner of IT issues.

A friendly, professional service based in Pegswood just outside Morpeth.

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Software at your command

The word 'Behest' means an authoritative command or request.
Rather than you fighting with your computer, your computer and software should be at your command!

Behest Software aims to create software that does what you want, the way you want.

Welcome to Behest Software

Behest Software is the trading name used by Steve Belleguelle to market and sell his own computer software.  Based on nearly twenty years experience of developing software for Windows based systems, Behest Software is able to create small Windows based applications tailored to your specific needs.  To find out more about Behest Software and how we can help you, read about us.
As well as developing custom software, Steve has developed some audio based applications that are becoming very popular.  Keep on reading to find out more.

Trialware software titles to download

  • MP3 Recording Products for Windows

    Behest software currently provides two products for recording audio input to MP3. 

    The first is the Behest Meeting and Teaching Recorder which is an MP3 recorder that is great for recording meetings, speeches, teaching, lectures, lessons, interviews and any other type of speech. It can also be used to record music.

    The second is the Behest Sermon Recorder which is based on the same code but is customised for recording sermons in a church context.

    Follow the links below to visit the product web pages find out more.

  • PPM for Windows

    The PPM for Windows is a tool for video and audio editors alike that allows you to keep an eye on the audio levels of the material you are editing.  Follow the link below to find out more. 

Find out about Behest Software.


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